Saturday, March 7, 2015

Student-Tested, Tried and True apps for the classroom…a series

Most educators who have delved into the world of technology in their classrooms have come across the SAMR model.

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The premise of the SAMR model is that apps can be used for Substitution of traditional learning (ebooks can replace paper copies), or they can be used for Augmentation of learning (the enhancements of google search versus looking up something in a library card index), Modification to learning experiences (using PowerPoint to present information), or, at the highest level, for Redefinition of learning (creating an iMovie).

Here is a great post about apps that work with the different SAMR levels from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

The only problem is, there are over a million apps out there ( I just googled it, there really ARE over a million apps now). I have spent far-too-many hours perusing, downloading, testing (and deleting) apps to find what works best. Of course, the true test is to use them in the classroom.

I get frequently asked  for app recommendations. Every day I read countless blog posts about Top 10 Apps for….Top 50 Apps for…. you get the drift.

But we know that the typical "50 Apps in 50 Minutes" types of professional development don't really work. As an educator, you still have to spend hours figuring out what will actually be effective in the classroom.

So, rather than rhyming off lists of apps, I have decided to write a series of posts about apps that I have actually used IN MY CLASSROOM and have found to be effective.

Stay tuned...

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  1. Great idea Heather! I was thinking the same thing as we just rolled out new iPads at the school. Teachers keep asking what I use and of course I share. However nothing beats playing with an app and having a good recommendation. I look forward to the ones you are using and to try them out myself.