Saturday, January 10, 2015


I have debated for some time about starting a teaching blog, but it is one more task to add to a seemingly endless list of To-Do's. What has pushed me over the edge is the fact that I need an effective way to share ideas with other teachers. Too many conversations have ended with me telling someone..."I have a link/article/site for that somewhere... I will see if I can find it..."

Now I can tell them it is here.


  1. Hoorah! Welcome to blogging! I originally started mine for pretty much the same reason, but have found it to be a really good reflective process and source of feedback. I just wish I had time to blog more often! Looking forward to hearing more about the great things you do in your classroom :)

  2. Yes, it was you who inspired me. Your tweet about your collaboration with English and the push back from the students is an ongoing reality in my classroom and I realized that by sharing the successes and failures we can all learn and, if nothing else, commiserate. I haven't blogged since I was on maternity leave so I hope I can fit it in these days...