Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Google Forms for Data: Helpful Tips for Teachers and Principals

When I began my leadership journey, the part of the Ontario Leadership Framework that scared me the most was data.   I'm not exactly sure why that was. Maybe it was a fear akin to "math anxiety". Or perhaps it was that numbers don't lie and it's hard to hide from cold, hard facts.  Happily, my misgivings appear to be unfounded, and I have begun to realize that data is useful and necessary.

I think part of the issue was that, as a classroom teacher, I didn't realize that I WAS always collecting and using data.  Anecdotals, samples, surveys; all of those things can be used as data.

Since data is necessary to inform and drive instruction, I think that the biggest barrier for educators is the time to collect data.

Google forms to the rescue.  Now, I have forms at my fingertips, and I can easily enter data via my phone, tablet and laptop.

Step 1: Create your google form.

Here is a fantastic tutorial for teachers to create google forms.

Step 2: Create a quick link in Chrome Bookmarks to access from your laptop.

Step 3: Add to home screen on your phone or iPad (or both!).

1. Open up Safari on your iPhone or iPad and go to google.ca

2. Sign into your google account in Safari

3. Once in your google account, go to the apps  and scroll way down, to Even More Apps, to find Google forms

4. Open up google forms, and find your form

:5. At the top of your form, there is a "view live form" button ; press it!

6. You should now see your  form, ready to receive data

7. At the bottom of your screen there is a rectangle with an arrow; press it (this is the send/share button)

8. From the list of options, scroll over to find " Add to home screen" ; press it!

9. There should now be an "app" on your home screen with the title of your form - open it up and test it out!

10. Ta Daaa! All data that you input will be collected in a google sheet in your Drive

11. Show all your teacher and principal friends and be a rock star!

Step 4: Input data, anytime, any place! 

Now you can easily input data wherever you are - no more need to try and play catch up at the end of the day, since you can do it on the fly.

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