Tuesday, November 3, 2015

6 MORE awesome things at our school: Part 2

One of the best parts of being a Vice Principal is the fact that I get to learn from everyone in the school. As I cruise through the hallways and classrooms of our school, I come across amazing teaching and learning practices by our inspiring staff. My first post of ideas that just needed to be shared is here.

Music and Song

  • A song for every occasion. I grew up with the sounds of RAFFI (all of you Canadian educators out there of my age are nodding and smiling right now). I love hearing the teacher and students belting them out in the classroom. Music has the magic to soothe, energize and build classroom community. (and walk in a line..."Sammy Sackett, hold onto my jacket" anyone?)

Smartboards AND Coding

  • Collaborative coding on the Smartboard.  All too often, Smartboards become a "teacher-only" device, but we need to remember that they are interactive.  Students like to interact with them. It's really neat to see a group of students working collaboratively and problem solving using coding. And what could be better than moving enormous Angry Birds through a Smartboard-sized maze!

Print your Name Attendance

  • This strategy is so simple but effective. When kindergarten students sign in for morning attendance, they find their laminated name card on the table, and have the opportunity to print it out on the lines underneath before putting it in the "I am here today" basket. The teacher simply wipes them clean at the end of the day, and they are ready for the next day.

Sent to the Office to Celebrate

  • We LOVE when students ask the teacher to come to the office to show off something great that they have done. The secretary, principal and myself all have sticker stashes for the students who bring something to share with us. It never fails to bring smiles and always makes our day.

Visible Learning

  • Anchor charts, success criteria and student work posted in all of our classrooms immediately give us a sense of what students are learning. Word walls and information posted for student use provide helpful visuals. I love the fact that I can go into the Ojibway language room and find words on the walls to help me converse with students; of course, they often need to jump in and help me out with the pronunciation, which they are happy to do.

Real-World Tie-Ins

  • It would be great if all learning in school could be directly linked to the real world, but it's not always possible. Next best is for the chance to emulate circumstances and occasions that students will encounter outside of the classroom. Dressing up as characters and conversing in French is great practice for any future traveling that students might do. And so much fun!
Stay tuned for more awesomeness from our school. I have so much to share about all the great things that staff are doing. 

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